I have seen countless other physios, doctors, chiropractors, specialists etc. before. How is The Headache and Pain Management Centre different?

The Headache and Pain Management Centre treats headache and migraine conditions using primarily the Watson Headache Approach. This approach is different to other headache treatment approaches in that it:

  • Aims to reproduce and reduce the pain of your headache
  • Does not involve bouncing on or cracking your neck
  • Aims to limit your intake of medication, not increase or change it
  • Indisputably shows whether or not your neck is involved
  • Has a clear plan of action as to how your condition should be managed

How do I know that treatment will work for me?

In your first assessment and treatment session, our clinicians will thoroughly investigate why your headache or migraine happens, and what can be done to fix it. A good guide is that:

  • If your headache has been investigated and all head scans have come back clear, then we will be able to guide your treatment
  • If your headache swaps sides either between or during a headache/migraine attack, your neck is extremely likely to be involved
  • If you have neck pain with your headache, then it is extremely likely your neck is involved.

In such cases, our way to doing things is very likely to help.

Why have I never heard of treating the neck for headache and migraine?

Compared to more “medical” methods, the systems we use are a vastly different way of assessing and treating headache. Diagnosing headache via the medical model is usually based upon determining what your symptoms are and then putting a label to it (i.e. migraine with aura, cluster headache, etc.) and then treating via medication or lifestyle changes.

The reason for our clinic’s headache and migraine focus, is to get the message out there that the neck is a major cause of headache or migraine conditions, regardless of prior diagnosis. We encourage you, or any headache or migraine sufferer you know, to come and try it for yourself.

I have seen countless other physios, doctors, chiropractors, specialists for my lower back pain before. How is The Headache and Pain Management Centre different?

There is a lot of misinformation about lower back pain, and at times medical professionals can make it more complicated than it needs to be. Regardless of what your scans might say, lower back pain is caused primarily by two main factors: tightness of the iliopsoas muscles, and weakness of the multifidus muscles.

We are the only clinic in Brisbane with access to the world-beating MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine, which has extremely strong evidence to show that its use will result in stronger back muscles and reduction in pain. We’re also the only clinic in Australia that combines our unique method of releasing iliopsoas with the use of the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine.

How do I know the MedX machine will work for me?

We use only the most up-to-date academic research along with our years of clinical experience to give ourselves the best possible chance of removing lower back pain from your life, and give you the confidence to move freely. Our physiotherapists have completed the courses, and read the research and journals, so that you don’t have to. You can trust us to deliver a result.

Why have I never heard of the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine before now?

The MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine has been used for 30+ years in Europe, the USA and Asia by various clinics and hospitals, who have reported outstanding results.

Having visited similar facilities interstate, we decided that this machine was our clinic’s missing link for the treatment of lower back pain. We took the decision to invest.

The MedX machine itself weighs 1,200kg, is manufactured in the United States, and is incredibly difficult to transport. Because of the scarcity of these machines (there are only about 5 in Australia, and ours is the only one in Brisbane), they’re not yet a household name. The Headache and Pain Management Centre aims to change that by continuing to deliver wonderful outcomes for people with lower back pain.

I have had my iliopsoas (hip flexors) released before, but it hasn’t helped my pain. Why will it work this time?

Put simply, most health professionals either do not take the care that is required to release this very important muscle gently, or they do not release the entire iliopsoas muscle. It is largely forgotten that the muscle itself attaches directly into your vertebrae from about the level of the belly button, crosses the centre of gravity and attaches into the front of the hip joint, and often health professionals only release the iliopsoas muscle at the front of the hip.

At times, when health professionals release the muscle through the abdomen, they press way too hard! It needs to be remembered that this muscle is located underneath the intestines, and there are numerous nerves and blood vessels that pass through that area. Without due care, the body can react and make the muscle tighter if it is pushed too hard. Our method uses a combination of spray and stretch, muscle contraction, and gentle palpation to release the muscle.

How often will I need to visit The Headache and Pain Management Centre for lower back pain treatment?

Research into the use of the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine shows that a minimum 8 weeks is required to attain the best results in the long term for treating chronic back pain. This usually consists of 2 sessions per week for the first 4 weeks, and then one session per week in the next 4 weeks. We want you to commit to the program, which is why we have different pricing for patients using our MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine.

As with any strength program, you cannot expect to have significant gains from only performing the exercises once or twice. Your back pain treatment needs to be consistent, and the research backs that.

Do I need a referral from a doctor to visit The Headache and Pain Management Centre?

No, if you are a private patient, you don’t need a referral for assessment.

Does private health cover apply to The Headache and Pain Management Centre?

Our staff are physiotherapists, which means that if you have extras on your Private Health Cover you will be able to claim. The rebate you receive will depend on your health fund and level of cover.

The codes for private health claiming are 500 – Assessment Consultation and 505 – Subsequent Consultation.

Workcover/CTP/CDM and Insurance patients do require a doctor’s referral.

Are you a Member’s Choice health provider or Preferred Provider?

No, but you are still able to claim through private health via our Healthpoint Machine.

Does Medicare cover any of The Headache and Pain Management Centre costs?

Because we are physiotherapists, unfortunately Medicare doesn’t cover any of the costs, unless your GP decides that you are eligible for a Team Care Arrangement under the Chronic Disease Management Scheme (formerly known as Enhanced Primary Care or EPC).

The CDMS is a scheme from Medicare that allows 5 treatments per year to be subsidised by the Government. They pay around $53 out of your total fee, and you will be required to pay any costs above that $53.

Your eligibility for the CDMS is entirely at the discretion of your GP, and we can’t pre-empt their decision. You should have a chat to them about it to find out more.

I thought CDM meant that the treatment was free?

No, what it means is that Medicare will pay $53 and then you will be required to pay the gap out of pocket.

Can I use CDM and Private Health in the same treatment?

No, you must choose which scheme you use on each different day.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Headache and Pain Management Centre on 1300 16 55 33.

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