Because your headache is associated with neck pain, your neck is a very likely factor in causing your overall symptoms.

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From your questionnaire it can be determined that your neck is a very likely contributor to your headache/migraine condition.  Because your neck has pain or stiffness when you have a headache or migraine, then your neck is an extremely likely cause of your headache.  Similarly, if a head pain episode comes on after being in a sustained neck posture for any length of time, then your neck must have an influence.

In the literature it is widely known and acknowledged that the neck joints can (and do) refer pain into the head, regardless of what diagnosis has been given to you – whether it be migraine, tension headache, cluster headache or something else.

The recent research now shows that there is an area at the bottom of your brain which is sensitised in people who have migraine and headache conditions.  This area is responsible for taking in all of the signals from your brain, your neck, scalp, sinuses, face and forehead, and even from your vital organs.  This area of the brain also fires in response to changes in the chemical serotonin, which is affected by levels of stress and anxiety, different foods, wines, alcohol, smells and so on.  Different people are affected in different ways which is why can be so hard for you and your doctor to diagnose “what the trigger is” or “where is it coming from”?

But it needn’t be.

The top of the neck has now been shown to be the major causative factor in the making of a migraine or headache, in a majority of cases.  If the neck is an issue, then other “triggers” will become an issue as well, because the area of the brain that the information from the neck passes through, is the same area of the brain that the information from your “triggers” passes through.  This is why your symptoms can be different on different days, or come on seemingly at random.

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