You have been diagnosed with a primary headache condition, so the next step should be to have your neck skilfully assessed.

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From the answers obtained in your questionnaire, despite the fact that you have little or no neck or head pain, it is a possibility that your condition could be caused by a disturbance in the top of your neck.  Here is why.

Your doctors or medical professionals have diagnosed you with a primary headache condition – either based on the results (or lack thereof!) on a CT or MRI Scan, or based on clinical features and symptoms that you have.  However, it is important to note that the diagnosis of headache/migraine conditions are based purely on symptoms, not the actual cause – it’s equivalent of saying “I have chest pain” rather than saying “I have a chest infection” – the pain is the symptom but the infection is the cause.

The research into primary headache conditions shows that it is actually a sensitised area at the bottom of your brain that is the cause of your headache/migraine condition, and finding the reason for that sensitisation will solve the case.  The top of the neck the most common reason for this to happen.

The top of the neck has now been shown, from results in clinical trials and clinical experience, to be a major causative factor in the making of a headaches and migraines, in a good number of cases.  If the neck is an issue, then other “triggers” will become an issue as well, because the area of the brain that the information from the neck passes through, is the same area of the brain that the information from your “triggers” passes through, whether the triggers be foods, movement, exercise, hormones and so on.  This is why your migraine can be different on different days, or come on seemingly at random.

You can find out more about this in our free handout, called “A Sensitised Headache Hub – The Real Cause of your Headaches and Migraines” (click here to access), or find out about our considerably discounted Initial Consultation by clicking the link below.