Headache and Pain on A Current Affair

Yes, that was Chris from The Headache and Pain Management Centre on A Current Affair, giving comment on the statistics regarding the sheer number of headache and migraine sufferers. Headache and migraine is a massive economic problem and one that for a long time hasn’t had a lot of answers with respect to causes, and effective treatments.

The story on the patient involved on A Current Affair is excellent in that she was able to obtain relief from her migraines, and we could not be happier for her and her family. We know first hand from the experiences in my clinic how patients’ lives can change when a correct diagnosis is made and then treatment is tailored for the individual patient.  Surgery is a drastic measure, no doubt, but we know first-hand the lengths that sufferers will go to in order to obtain relief from the pain!

For those who are looking for solutions, you’ve come to a good place to start for accurate, up-to-date information  – as our clinic prides itself on finding the right solution to your headache or migraine problem.

For all the headache and migraine sufferers out there, it is important to know the science behind how a headache works – it is caused by a sensitisation of the part of the brain that the head pain signals pass through, regardless of diagnosis.  The cause of that sensitisation is, in a majority of cases, stiffness of the joints in the top of the neck, not necessarily the arteries in your scalp.  The Australian research published by Dean Watson in the past 8 months shows that treatment of the upper neck, in a very specific way, desensitises the head pain area of your brain.  Chris is a member of the Watson Headache Institute teaching staff, and teaches these techniques to other physiotherapists nationwide.

We strongly recommend that the upper necks of headache and migraine sufferers are thoroughly assessed and treated, before undergoing expensive surgical techniques, so that all avenues are considered before going under the knife.  Any sufferer of headache or migraine conditions are encouraged to contact us if you want to know more about what we do at our clinic.  We love helping people.

We would like to thank A Current Affair, and journalist Jesse Grayson, for approaching us for comment so we could fill them in on the latest research into headache and migraine treatments – we are sure that they would have learnt a thing or two during our conversation and we hope that our (albeit small!) exposure tonight will be of benefit to headache and migraine sufferers nationwide.

Until next time,
The Headache and Pain Management Centre Staff

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