Treatment of Acute Spinal Pain

Acute spinal pain is pretty scary if you haven’t experienced it before. You may feel sharp pains in your neck or back, catching pains when bending or turning left or right, or muscle pains when you wake in the morning. As a matter of fact, most people experience acute back pain or neck pain such as this at least once in their lifetime.

Thankfully, acute back pain or neck pain (and even pain that refers into your leg or arm as a result) is not normally something to be overly concerned about long term, provided that your injury is treated early.

Common causes of different types of acute pain

  • Throbbing pain usually indicates inflammation, especially if the onset follows a traumatic episode (such as a car accident, fall, or heavy lifting).
  • Sharp, stabbing, catching pain usually indicates a muscle spasm.
  • Immediate, severe pain is usually a sign of actual tissue damage (such as a sprain or strain), or an acute muscle spasm.

When should I see a doctor for acute pain?

If you experience new pain which is associated with:

  • a loss of strength in your hand, arm, leg or foot after a neck or back injury,
  • a high temperature, fever or feeling of illness or
  • pain that is constant and unremitting, and doesn’t change with any positional movements

Then you should definitely seek advice urgently. In this way, if there are any pathologies that require scans or tests to be performed, then they can be completed before seeking treatment from The Headache and Pain Management Centre.

What should I do if I have acute low back or neck pain?

  • Have your condition diagnosed accurately as soon as possible, to ensure that nothing will be missed.
  • Be aware and understand your pain. Research shows that early recognition and understanding of your pain strongly decreases the risk of chronic pain developing.
  • Have an individual treatment plan developed to ensure as quick a recovery as possible.
  • Keep as active as you can. While you can lie down and rest for a day or two if necessary, staying still any longer will increase your risk of chronic pain developing.
  • Use ice or heat to make things more comfortable.

Our Headache and Pain Management Centre clinicians will relieve your anxiety and worry, by accurately diagnosing and treating your injury using the best and most up-to-date methods.

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