Treatment of Chronic Pain

At the Headache and Pain Management Centre, we appreciate that living every day with a painful neck or back is no fun at all. And neither is living with pain that can happen at any time, when you least expect it. Pain such as:

  • A stiff lower back first thing in the morning
  • Sharp pain when you bend forward
  • A sore and stiff neck that prevents you turning your head, or
  • The pain in your neck and back that stops you from doing the things you want to do.

If you experience chronic pain for longer than three months without proper treatment, your risk of injury and re-injury increases. Your joints and muscles become sensitive and unfit. If you live with chronic pain for years or decades, it begins to affect everything that you do.

But just imagine living your life without constant low back pain or long-term neck pain. It is possible.

How we diagnose and treat your chronic pain problem

Clinical research into all types of chronic pain, including chronic low back and neck pain, has helped to define how pain is generated, and why it continues to persist. Today, the evidence gathered is so strong that drug companies are beginning to cut back their budgets for the pharmaceutical treatment of pain management. This is because, when given the right tools, patients are able to reduce their own chronic pain without the use of medication.

With the Headache and Pain Management Centre’s unique four step process, we will be able to accurately diagnose your chronic pain problem. By knowing where your pain problem stems from, you can begin your treatment immediately, and have a plan to maintain the improvement over the long term.

We use the most diverse, up-to-date and cutting-edge treatment methods to combat chronic pain – without the use of medication. Our aim is to wean you off your painkillers so you have less chemical intake, and become more active so you can do the things you want to do.

Our chronic pain treatment methods

At the Headache and Pain Management Centre, we may recommend many different treatment methods for your individual chronic pain, including:

  • MedX Lower Back Strengthening – we are the only Queensland clinic to offer this
  • Trigger point releases (including dry needling, spray and stretch, and acupressure)
  • Nerve desensitisation
  • Pain education
  • Exercise programs and strengthening
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Massage
  • And many other strategies.

We realise that if you have been living with persistent low back or neck pain, you will often need a variety of different pain treatment methods for the best outcome. That is why we tailor our chronic pain treatments to you and your individual circumstances.

For advice and treatment of your chronic low back pain or long-term neck pain, please call us on 1300 16 55 33 or use the contact form above.

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