MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine

The MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine is Australia’s best kept secret for the effective treatment and long-term management of lower back pain.

Used in hospitals and private clinics throughout the US and Europe for over 30 years, and at Beecroft Physiotherapy in Sydney for over 15 years, it’s now available in Brisbane for the first time, thanks to The Headache and Pain Management Centre.

What does the MedX machine do?

Put simply, MedX is the world’s best equipment for increasing the size and strength of your lower back muscles. Its unique difference compared to other training methods is that it stabilises your pelvis and legs. That means you are forced to use the muscles needed to keep your spine upright. As mentioned in detail here, strengthening the multifidus muscles significantly reduces back pain.

How does MedX help to strengthen me safely?

MedX is unique in that it performs a number of functions to ensure the most accurate readings and specific training possible for any patient, regardless of age or gender. It does this by:

  • Using a force plate and computer connected to the machine to measure how strong your back is, and show how you are improving over time.
  • Providing accurate testing and safe use for any patient – regardless of fitness, height, gender or body weight – thanks to its unique counter-weight.
  • Providing pelvic stabilisation and restricting movement to as little or as far as your spine can move safely. This means the risk of injury from using the machine is negligible, despite the fact you are lifting weights using your back muscles.

The bottom line is that, whether you’re a 19 year old elite athlete or a 65 year old gardener (or anything in between), the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine will improve the strength of your spine, guaranteed.

How often will I need to use the MedX machine to get the results I need?

With any strengthening program, it is important to be consistent; challenging your muscles with increasing weights over a period of time. Research on the MedX machine, as well as our clinical experience, indicates that about 12 sessions in 8 weeks is optimal. Your schedule will usually consist of 2 sessions per week in the first 4 weeks, and one session per week following that.

Naturally, we carefully assess every patient according to their needs and goals. Every MedX session involves not just use of the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine, but a full treatment from your physiotherapist as well. This allows us to loosen up your muscles and joints first, and measure your functional progress, before performing the strength program towards the end of your session.

What results should I expect from the MedX machine?

Studies show that the MedX machine on its own is effective for use with all manner of back pain conditions, offering you an earlier return to work, and a significant reduction or cessation of low back pain.

When combined with The Headache and Pain Management Centre’s unique treatment protocols, you’ll receive the necessary “hands-on” treatment strategies together with a specific, active strengthening approach. It is very likely that such a combined treatment plan will benefit you.

Find out if the MedX machine is right for you

Our physiotherapists are ready to help you restart your life again, where pain isn’t the burden it is now. Our goal, as with any condition we treat, is to properly solve your problem as quickly as possible, and leave your ongoing treatment strategy to you.

In order to properly assess your lower back strength and mobility effectively, our initial assessments are one hour long. For lasting relief, we strongly recommend that you then commit to at least 8 weeks of strength training and treatment following your assessment.

To find out more about our MedX machine and how it could benefit you, please call us on 1300 16 55 33 or use the contact form above.

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