Assessment and Treatment of Sports Injuries

It has been said that sports physiotherapy is “physiotherapy, but with a timeline” – so that you can get back to playing sport fast. With sports injuries it is very important to obtain an accurate diagnosis, and the correct individualised treatment, fast.

It’s important to recognise that, even though your pain occurs while playing sport, from your body’s point of view it is no different to the pain you would get while doing other activities. The only difference is that with sporting activities, how we treat the pain may differ.

Your sports injury treatment method can depend on when you are required to get back to competing, and whether it’s safe to continue playing sport despite the pain or injury that you have suffered.

How we assess and treat your sports injury

When assessing a sporting injury, whether an acute injury or overuse injury, we will very carefully and skilfully assess your biomechanics and the way you are carrying out your sporting skills (such as serving a tennis ball, throwing a baseball, or running for long periods). In this way, we can reduce your pain and get you back to competing in your chosen sport.

Rather than any single traumatic event, often it’s a combination of the amount of sports activity, how long you are doing the sporting activity, and how you are performing that activity that is the reason for your pain.

We treat all sporting injuries effectively, but our clinicians have extra training in treating:

  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Exertion headaches
  • Lower back pain associated with sporting activities
  • Tendinopathies
  • Hip, knee and ankle issues (including biomechanical analysis)
  • Shoulder and rotator cuff pain

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The Headache and Pain Management Centre has been a proud corporate partner of Netball Queensland since 2014. We’ve also treated many elite athletes in our short history, including national and international level cricketers, national level Australian footballers and umpires, and numerous other athletes from local leagues in a variety of sports right across Brisbane.

Our Senior Clinician Nikki Rathbone is currently the physiotherapist for the Queensland Women’s Cricket Team and the Brisbane Heat women’s cricket team. She has also worked in varying roles in other sports during her Masters’ degree placements.

To have your sporting injury diagnosed and treated fast, book an appointment online or contact us on 1300 16 55 33.

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