How could your upper neck cause pain in all these nerves?

The diagram above is a beautiful illustration of what are called the Trigeminal Nerves – they supply the head, face, jaw, forehead and temples. These are the nerves that can transmit information from those areas.

They are thought to be responsible for the pain that comes with Tension Headaches, Migraines, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cluster Headaches. 

Problem is, that when these nerves are scanned on MRI in patients suffering from these conditions, it can all look normal.  They look as beautiful as the picture above on the scans, yet there is excruciating pain.

So what the heck is happening?!

What you can’t see on the diagram is where, on the inside of the brain, all of these nerves end up. They all end up merging together deep inside your brain.  But, not only do the nerves in the diagram end up merge together, but the nerves from the top three joints of your neck merge in with them as well.

It’s actually the SUM TOTAL of the signals from all the nerves in the diagram, and the neck nerves, that end up being sent to the big fleshy part of the brain for processing.  It’s like having the signals from the face, neck, jaw and head all packaged up into a box, and express delivered to the bigger part of the brain. 

All the brain receives is the box with the signals inside, but the brain doesn’t really have a good idea of where the signals are sent from. Is it the face, neck or somewhere else?

The brain then makes its best guess as to where the signals may have come from, and a lot of the time the brain gets it dead wrong.  Instead of having neck pain, you may have headaches or migraines… or you could have both neck and head pain at the same time.

The end result – you can have signals that come from your neck, that are misinterpreted by your brain, and then you end up with Migraines, Tension Headaches, Cluster Headaches or even Trigeminal Neuralgia.  As a matter of fact – more often than not, it’s the upper neck nerves that are the culprit, not the nerves in the picture above. 

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By Chris Fawcett - Director, The Headache and Pain Management Centre

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