Exciting Migraine Research announced on News Outlets

Some great news about headache and migraine today!  Our colleague from Melbourne Headache Centre, Roger O’Toole, went viral – after a story in The Herald-Sun yesterday morning it has been picked up by Channel Seven, Channel Nine and Ten Eyewitness News nationally, including Brisbane.  It’s left us a little swept off our feet!

The story, featuring Roger and a patient of his, reports about the world-first clinical trials that will be run in order to further confirm the role of the upper neck in sensitising the area of the brain that causes headache and migraine to occur.   Chris Fawcett and Trina Morris from The Headache and Pain Management Centre will be part of this multi-faceted process, with the trial being run centrally by the Watson Headache Institute.

The research carried out by Dean Watson and Peter Drummond, published over the last four years, has shown that headaches and migraines can be caused by the top of the neck.  By treating the top of the spine using the Watson Headache Approach, it is possible to reduce the frequency, severity and duration of headache and migraine conditions – a lot of sufferers now live pain-free, without medication.

We are very excited that the excellent techniques, that have been the cornerstone of our practice since we opened our doors four years ago, are finally getting the exposure that they deserve.  The more that the techniques are talked about and shared, the more patients that can finally get relief from the pain of headache and migraine.

We are Brisbane’s longest-running dedicated Headache and Migraine Centre, with the most experienced clinicians.  Have a look around our Website and find out more – or alternatively contact us directly on (07) 3392 4699 or info@hpmcentre.com.au.

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