Coccyx/Tailbone Pain Treatment

Tailbone pain is one of the least understood conditions in the wider medical community. If you suffer from this painful condition, you may have been offered treatment that simply involves sitting on a cushion, or taking over-the-counter analgesics.

At the Headache and Pain Management Centre, we understand that there are a number of different causes that can contribute to tailbone or coccyx pain. That’s why our treatment approach is different.

The causes of your tailbone pain

The coccyx’s main role is as a site of muscle and ligament attachment. But because of its unprotected location, direct contact to the coccyx bone, such as through incidents of falling or losing balance, is the most common cause of tailbone pain. You may also be unlucky enough to develop coccyx pain in the absence of trauma.

The main issues with tailbone pain are usually:

  • Pain referral from a disc, joint or muscle – This could include the L5-S1 disc, pubococcygeus muscle or sacrococcygeal joint.
  • Postural issue due to tightness and lack of strength – Chronic tailbone pain is most commonly caused by a tightness of the iliopsoas muscles, and weakness of the muscles in the lower back – regardless of if the onset was traumatic or atraumatic.
  • Direct nerve entrapments – Tailbone pain can often be concomitant with other deep pelvic pain syndromes, such as pudendal neuralgia
  • Pregnancy and childbirth – The trauma the body deals with during childbirth, and the ligamentous laxity, can cause a pulling effect on the coccyx which can result in inflammation.

How is tailbone pain treated?

Depending on your exact diagnosis, your coccyx pain treatment could consist of:

  • Muscle releases to the affected muscles, using either massage, dry needling or spray and stretch techniques
  • Direct palpation and mobilisation of the tailbone – this can often be avoided purely with muscle releases
  • Strength training, using a number of different modalities, including the MedX Lumbar Extension machine.

Our treatment rooms are private, sound-proof and discreet to ensure your comfort at all times.

Most cases of tailbone pain are treatable relatively quickly. But because we treat every patient as an individual, it is difficult to give an accurate timeframe for your coccyx pain treatment before we meet with you – but it can be as soon as 3 or 4 treatment sessions.

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