Our Assessment and Treatment Process

Assessment and treatment of headache and pain conditions needs the most specific and up to date methods.

With our years of training and experience in headache treatment, implementing migraine remedies, and low back pain management using the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine and pain education courses, The Headache and Pain Management Centre has designed a core, four-step process that helps every patient with pain conditions.

  1. Find where your pain is coming from using our proven methods.
  2. Understanding why your pain happens.
  3. Implement steps, tailored to your needs, to improve your condition
  4. Maintain the gains by making your strong – both physically and mentally.

We have found that with many patients suffering headache or pain conditions, the clinicians that they have seen have missed one or more of the steps, and this leaves patients unclear or confused as to the causes of their headache or migraine, or why their low back pain is not improving as it should be.  You can find more detail about our four step process here.

Our experienced physiotherapists have all been trained in numerous methods of diagnosing and treating all manner of pain conditions, including:

… as well as having excellent partnerships in understanding how sufferers feel about their pain, and helping friends and family cope with the distress of seeing a loved one in pain.

Please visit one of our dedicated pages above, or contact us using the contact form above to have one of our friendly staff contact you if you would like to know more.

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