Headache assessment

The assessment process that we use to diagnose and treat your headache condition is based upon ground-breaking discoveries by Dean Watson, the founder and director of the Watson Headache Institute.

Before assessing your neck, clinicians at The Headache and Pain Management Centre will conduct a full and thorough questioning process. We want to know everything about your headache/migraine condition. We listen. No detail is unimportant and often it is the smallest detail that “cracks the case” for us.

We then test your important ligaments and the vertebral artery flow, which are very simple and easy tests. This ensures we maintain only the highest standards of patient safety.

Assessing and treating your headache and pain

The foundation of our assessment and treatment is to temporarily reproduce your headache symptoms by gently pushing on the joints of your neck. There is no cracking or bouncing on your joint involved. We then work to reduce your headache symptoms as the pushing on your neck is maintained.

The next step involves pressing on the joints of your neck to determine how they are sitting, how the muscles are pulling on the joints, and then establishing which joint or joints your headache is emanating from. We do this by gently pushing on your neck as described above.

If we establish that your neck is a major contributing factor to your headache/migraine condition, we will then begin your treatment immediately – in the first session.

Your first consultation with us will be efficient, easy to understand, and will leave you in little doubt as to whether your neck is involved.

For further information about our headache assessment process, please call The Headache and Pain Management Centre on 1300 16 55 33 or use the contact form above.

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