Our treatment methods

The Headache and Pain Management Centre uses a simple, logical four-step approach to diagnose and treat all manner of pain conditions, including headache, migraine, low back pain and whiplash conditions.  On the first day we will find out where you sit in our four step process, and guide you through them in the most efficient way possible, tailored individually to your needs.

1. Find where your pain is coming from using our proven methods.

Physical – what is happening with your muscles, joints and nerves?

The Headache and Pain Management Centre team have all been trained in the basics with muscle and joint assessment and treatment methonds, so we know what you may have tried. We will look at different things – we don’t want to take you down a path you have already tried unsuccessfully.

Neurophysiological – what part does your brain have to play?

At times the brain and nervous system become sensitised, and it is important to see what role the nervous system plays in your pain.  Pain is never purely “psychological” – telling a patient that their pain “is all in their head” is as insulting as it is incorrect. Determining how sensitive your system is, and what you are capable of achieving treatment-wise, is extremely important to determine quickly for the best results.

2. Understanding why your pain happens.

The research is now overwhelmingly strong, and it agrees wholeheartedly with the clinical experience of our physiotherapists. Patients who know why their pain is happening are far more likely to make significant improvements than those who don’t – and we will explain how your headache, migraine or pain condition happens, and the options to begin treatment.

3. Implement steps, tailored to your needs, to improve your condition

Our treatment methods include manual therapy, trigger point releases, massage, neural mobilisation, dry needling, home exercise programs, and movement education.  We have the widest variety of treatment methods you will find, and the latest in technology and continuing education, to give you every chance of making the best recovery.

4. Maintain the gains made by making you strong – both physically and mentally

Continuing to live a life where pain isn’t in the front of your mind requires ongoing strength and confidence, both physically and mentally.  We achieve this by teaching you strength and exercise programs, mental strengthening, goal setting, movement, and returning to your activities and work.

Break the habits. Implement new habits. Maintain the gains.

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