Advice and Education on Headache and Pain conditions

Headache and pain conditions can be very confusing. With the internet controlling so much of our daily lives, we are becoming more and more reliant on it to find the information we need to make our lives easier. Searching for answers to issues like headaches, migraines and chronic pain is no exception. (Yes, we appreciate the irony of you reading this article!)

Unfortunately however, there is a lot of misinformation out there about what actually causes headache and pain conditions to happen. We often hear questions and statements such as:

  • I’m in so much pain – why can’t they find anything on the scans?
  • When I looked my headache symptoms up online I found that it was this, but no one is believing me.
  • Why doesn’t anyone believe I have this much pain?
  • I can’t work out why this headache or pain keeps happening – there is no pattern to it!
  • One doctor said this, my chiropractor says that, my physiotherapist thinks it’s this – I don’t know who to believe!

It’s easy to see why some of our patients are at their wit’s end, with their pain condition taking them right to the edge.

How pain education affects your headache and pain positively

The fact is that pain, as a bodily process, is quite complex. It involves the brain, your nervous system and immune system, and always involves some kind of context. In fact, research into pain now shows with certainty that a lack of knowledge about why your pain happens, and how it happens, actually increases your pain – even if you have no additional physical tissue damage.

The same researchers then conducted studies where the only treatment method given to the subjects was a few hours’ worth of pain education over a few sessions – and the results were stunning.

It improved the patient’s pain by 30% on average… without any extra medication, exercise or other treatment strategy. It was a watershed moment in the treatment of chronic pain conditions.

How pain education works

The reason why pain education works is actually fairly simple – we humans don’t like having thoughts floating around in our brain that we don’t have an answer to, or issues that we feel that we have no control over.

This is why people can often have beliefs in things that are outrageously inaccurate or irrational – because these people, when confronted with a problem they have, either don’t have the knowledge to accurately deal with their problem, or don’t have the tools to obtain access to that knowledge.

We have seen many, many cases where a patient’s fears, anxieties or beliefs have been the most significant roadblock to relieving their pain. When pain sufferers do not have the confidence or knowledge to handle situations when pain happens, or when pain *could* happen, their brains act to protect them – even when that protection might not be needed.

Find out more about your headache and pain

One of The Headache and Pain Management Centre’s key pillars is to ensure that you as our patient know where your pain is coming from and how it happens. This isn’t just about teaching you the correct movements and treating physical factors like muscles and joints, but also teaching you how your brain creates pain in the first place.

When we identify that some extra attention is needed to teach you about how pain works, you’ll have a number of options. These may include one-on-one education in conjunction with physical treatments, or attending one of our Pain Education Classes. You can start educating yourself right now by reading our article Pain – An Overview.

For more information on how pain works, and how it could apply to you, please call us on 1300 16 55 33 or use the contact form above.

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