General Physiotherapy

The Headache and Pain Management Centre provides the world’s most cutting edge treatments for headaches, migraines and lower back pain, using the Watson Headache Approach and the MedX Medical Lumbar Extension Machine.

While of course it’s extremely important to have a great grounding in the basics of physiotherapy, what sets us apart is the extra coursework and experience we have gained, which allows us to treat patients with headache, migraine and acute or chronic pain most effectively.

How are we different to other Physiotherapists?

All of our staff comfortably exceed the mandated continuing professional education requirements. This means that we are all qualified in treating musculoskeletal disorders using:

  • Mobilisation of joints both actively and passively (as pioneered by Geoff Maitland)
  • Swedish massage techniques
  • Biomechanical analyses
  • Exercise and strength training
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Muscle stretching

However, thanks to the vast range of experience we have gained during our careers, The Headache and Pain Management Centre team can offer patients more than just the physiotherapy treatments that physiotherapists should be able to provide. Our physiotherapists have additional training in:

  • Trigger point diagnosis and treatment
  • Headache and migraine assessment and treatment
  • MedX Medical Lumbar Extension strength testing
  • Lower back pain assessment and treatment
  • McKenzie Method of assessment and treatment of lower back pain
  • Dry needling
  • Women’s health
  • Pain education
  • Sporting injury assessment and treatment

…all of which mean that your experience with us will be nothing short of excellent.

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