The Watson Headache Approach and Institute™

An unparalleled method of diagnosing headache conditions

The Watson Headache Approach is a method of diagnosing and treating headaches, developed in Australia over 25 years by renowned headache researcher and clinician, Dean Watson.

The gold standard of headache diagnosis and treatment is to temporarily reproduce the pain of a headache by pushing gently on the affected neck joint. Whilst the pressure is sustained, the headache lessens.

Dean’s recent ground-breaking PhD research now shows that not only is the traditional medical model of headache and migraine conditions incomplete (because there are more factors than just blood vessels at play), the top of the neck is actually a key factor in the development of a headache or migraine. Therefore, effective headache treatment must consist of treating the top of your neck, regardless of what the “triggers” might be.

How we treat your headache or migraine condition

About 10 years ago Dean established the Watson Headache Institute, an educational body devoted to not only researching headache and migraine, but also to teaching other manual therapists the methods he uses to treat headache and migraine conditions.

All of our clinicians have been qualified by the Watson Headache Institute as Watson Headache Certified Practitioners. This means they have completed three different educational courses, completed a journal of patient cases, and passed an intensive examination. It gives our staff the springboard to treat any number of different presentations of headache and migraine conditions.

In addition, as a result of our commitment to the treatment of headache and migraine sufferers, and also the advocacy shown to promote the Upper Cervical Spine and Sensitised Brainstem as a cause of headache/migraine conditions, our director Chris Fawcett has been appointed as a member of the teaching staff of the Watson Headache Institute as well.

Find out how the Watson Headache Approach could help you

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